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05 March 2006 @ 06:48 pm
The radio at my bedside spat out ever-worsening news  
I can't stop listening to "15th Shade." I love the random shit I find on my computer. Any song with "a ball of congealed air" is good by me. Also, "Let it pass. I want to wake up again. I couldn't save you, my lovely. I cannot save myself" is more or less what I feel like waking up every morning, take that, um, as you will, since I've never been in a situation with guns an shields and having to rescue anyone, not even metaphorically, so it really doesn't follow. I just think it's neat someone has managed to put my early mornings into a song. Sure, that someone is possibly completely mad, but still. My mornings! In a song! Is it not marvelous?

Context, context, content, conjecture. Crypticism! Christ, it looks like I'm writing a piece for a student-run literary magazine with that bit. To quote an SR-71 song and jump from one end of the musical spectrum to the opposite, "There's nothing I believe in more than my own insignificance, so why does everybody think my words can make a difference?" The bad thing about being a self-professed comedian is that you never take anything seriously, and after a while, for obvious reasons, this starts to be bad. Then there's all the trying to get a handle on what's funny, what's bullshit, what that guy thinks, why making a joke is not the best policy in 100% of the situations, etc. Que triste. Why not just laugh it off?

I...totally forgot anything else I might have to say. Cheers. :B
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