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03 March 2006 @ 03:53 pm
Let's be friends! We can play cards and I'll kill your whole family!  
Medieval Societies is slowly devolving into a dialogue between me and Professor Paradis. Since there are scholarly dirty jokes involved, this is a good thing (a quote from the Gies book said that women were supposed to live "under the rod" of the man in their life, and of course that's snicker-worthy). More chivalric literature on Monday, which means I'm so gonna make a joke about swords. Poor, poor Sir Gawain. Hurr. :B

Wieland presentation today owned. Even Brent-who-was-making-me-nervous came through and schooled his section. I sort of wish the audience had been a little more...alive, but what the hell. Cross-referencing Champlain and Letters from an American Farmer was icing on the cake during the "Matt asks a question he hopes will make you think" time. Having already thought about it, though, his ruse only nominally worked; 3/4 of our group met beforehand to prepare for such an eventuality and I just drew the short straw for Q&A time. Our group for the win, although Hayley and I did stop to wonder en route how the window chicks' hitting on Matt affects their grades. Probably it does, probably in the positive, probably depressing. But we still owned, and I no longer have to worry about romantic Gothic phantasms in the night.

Really, the whole point of this was to add substance to a bizarre and utterly pointless vignette: some guy outside asked me if he could bum a smoke, and I had none on me but my first response was that I had more in my apartment and could ninja-grab one. He looked surprised, and it was only after he'd told me that nah, that's a pain in the ass that I realized that's not the normal response. Welcome to my head, population none.
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